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The medical examination for medical screening purposes is similar to a visit to your doctor but the purpose is different. The doctor or nurse is not screening you to advise you on your condition or to initiate any treatment.

The primary role of the examiner is to document your medical history and to perform a relevant examination. They may need to carry out some tests, including urine and blood tests. The assessment results will be sent to the Insurance company who has instructed us.

Confirming/Rescheduling the Appointment

DC Life or our doctor / nurse will contact you by telephone or letter to confirm the time, date and venue of the appointment. We will make every effort to arrange a convenient and local appointment that is as convenient and as close to you as possible.

Once you receive your appointment, please confirm your attendance or re-arrange if required as soon as possible, but certainly no less than 48 hours before the appointment.

We would also respectfully draw your attention to the fact that once you have agreed to attend an appointment, the doctor / nurse will expect to see you at this time.

Preparing for the Appointment

Please make sure you follow any specific instruction we may have given you, such as fasting overnight in preparation for fasting blood tests. Also, please try to be as relaxed as possible prior to the appointment as the doctor / nurse will be taking your blood pressure.

At the appointment

Please feel free to bring along a friend or relative. If you are under 18 years old, you must be accompanied by an adult. If you attend alone but want a chaperone to be present for the examination, let the doctor / nurse know. Please be ready 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment. Write down any questions you want to ask. The doctor / nurse will need to conduct an appropriate examination, so please wear suitable clothing which is easy to remove or loosen. They will also need to take your blood pressure, measure your height and weight and may need to test your urine or take blood.

Please remember the doctor / nurse is not there to treat you.


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